Monday, April 05, 2010

My # 1 is 7!

 Seven things I love about this gorgeous girl-

*Her thoughtful spirit.....she often thinks of what her brother or sister or momma or daddy would like best.
*Her love of reading.........a girl after my own heart!
*Her sensitive heart.........many Disney movie villains still scare her. And I'm okay with that!
*Her hospitality.......she loves to serve others.
*Her friendships......she is loyal.
*Her flexibility........she will do anything her coaches and teachers ask of her.
*Her intelligence........she has a terrific memory and eye for detail.

But above all these other things, I love that she loves Jesus. She cried when we watched a video depicting the crucifixion this weekend during Easter. She likes me to pray over her at night. She enjoys learning about God and the Bible and realizes the importance of a life spent with Him.

It is my prayer that for as long as she is in my house and even after I will model a life that seeks out the Lord and desires an intimate relationship with Him. By the music I listen to, the books I read, the words I say, the way I spend my time.

I've been entrusted with a gift in my Hannah Bean and I pray I am worthy of such a blessing.

We love, you, Bean.
Happy 7th birthday!!

Happy Monday~

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Sarah L. Knapp said...

I love you too Hannah!
Cousin Sarah