Monday, March 29, 2010

RAok in Review

All my friend Shannon wanted for her birthday was for folks to commit Random Acts of Kindness during the day. I decided mid morning that some of my acts were more AoK.....not so random, but carried on!

I had such fun thinking about what I wanted to do. I dreamed big dreams, wishing I had unlimited funds in order to bless others. I have another friend who often comments she wishes she had enough money to be a benefactor. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Anyway, back to my acts of kindness. I did not do any of these for recognition and will list them here only becuase Shannon wanted to know what all was going on in her name ;)

Today I:

-left a sticky note in the middle of some of my husband's papers, telling him I was praying for him
-bought a coworker some iced tea {Sorry it tasted nasty :(  }
-paid for the woman behind the man behind me in line. {The man had a coupon}
-left .50 in a coke machine change receptacle
-left a note on a windshield
-took popcicles and fudge pops to the workers at the local ER
-left old magazines in the waiting room
-left brand new sidewalk chalk at the park by the ball fields

It was a stinkin' blast. I still wish I had money to pay for so many things. I struggled in my head a little bit and came to the conclusion that folks who aren't necessarily needy or poor could also be blessed by getting something paid for or given to them. That is probably obvious to many of you, but my brain had to bring me to that thought.

That Shannon wanted this done on her birthday is not surprising. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. Long before I knew her, I knew of her good deeds. I mean, this woman spent many a Monday afternoon helping a friend fold laundry! She loves to entertain, plan parties, bake for others. And she rarely tastes what she makes, can you believe it?

Almost 18 months ago I came to her, still barely knowing her, needing help. She quickly, gladly, confidentially gave me the information I needed. That started the growth of our friendship and I am ever grateful that the Lord saw fit to intertwine our lives. We share many mutual friends and I get to see her several times a week. My kids have a nickname for her and #3 knows which drawer in her desk to look in for a treat. What a hoot!

I and m.a.n.y. others are blessed by sweet Shannon.

Happy 40th birthday, my friend. I love you-

-Its not too late to do your own RAoK....the feeling you get is quite a kick! And I decided this Act of Kindness thing was too fun to end today. I am creating the 40 Days of Kindness. I am going to attempt an anonymous act of kindness every day for the next 40 days. Up for another challenge? Leave a comment and let me know if you decide to carry on the RAoKs!

Happy Monday~


michelle said...

how fun.
I have been wanting to go hide Easter eggs stuffed w/ candy and change in a park in a not-so-good neighborhood. This post might have just encouraged me to do just that!

Shannon said...

I don't know why I'm just now reading this but I LOVE it! It was so sweet and I love you my sweet friend! So thankful God brought us together as friend- he ROCKS!!! :)