Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thoughts on Easter

 I posted this on an Early Morning Group on FB today-
How was your Easter weekend? We had a really good time. I was watching a music video on Friday and it depicted the crucifixion. My 7 year old started crying and left the room. It wasn't extremely violent, but it did show blood streaming down the actor's face.

Later she came back into the room and said 'Why would anyone want to die? Why would anyone do that?' I explained that the actor didn't really die, but that Jesus DID.

And then it hit me. He could have said no. He wanted to obey His Father, but He was human enough to not want that pain. And I heard again in my head that Jesus would have chosen the cross even if I was the only person on the Earth.

Chosen the cross.

Not just fulfilled prophesies without any say. Not just go through the motions that didn't really hurt anyway, I mean He WAS God, surely He didn't hurt too much.

I confess, these were thoughts that swirled in my brain. What was the big deal? He knew He was going to be in Heaven in a few days. This is the way it had to happen, there wasn't any other way.

That part is true, there wasn't any other way. But if Jesus had decided that I wasn't worth it, He could have said no.

And it wouldn't have happened at all.

And THAT is the big deal.

Happy Tuesday~

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