Wednesday, December 30, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

.....are you humming the tune?

*my coffee maker with a timer... Mr. Brick preps the coffee every night and I just have to hit a button when I get up in the morning and viola!

*Text messages...sometimes it isn't convenient to make a phone call when one needs a quick shot of encouragement

* ... I love being able to plot my runs and also being able to see where the mister is running while he is gone.

*my new chiropractor. I have been having shoulder problems for over a year and after just two visits I feel 95% better. Seriously.

*DVR.....we were cable free and very low cable for many years. We feel we have really moved on up now with ESPN AND DVR, ha! I know several of my friends have recently done away with their hook up and I think that is wise. However, that really isn't an option with the mister and I {love} being able to watch The Biggest Loser after the kids go to bed.

*Nativity scenes....I have been collecting these for several years, trying to get a new one each year. My friend came over yesterday and as I went to show her my new one, I realized I had 6 new ones. S.I.X. .....granted 3 were gifts, but seriously, 6?

*New bedding for my mother in law bought new bedding for all three kids. She recognized that I have to wash the bedding often, especially for the younger two and it is going to be so nice to have a spare set of sheets to fall back on! And #1 loves her shabby chic quilt!

*Our fire place......makes me feel so at home and cozy and peaceful. I just love it!

What is one of your favorite things?

Happy Wednesday~


Shannon said...

One of my favorite things is that you listed me as Mrs. Longview on your blog. That made me smile! :)

Shannon said...

How did they fix your blog?