Monday, December 21, 2009

Ten Goals for 2010

10. Get Lu to wear hair accessories more regularly – her head o’curls is nearing the out of control stage

9. Find appropriate reading material for Bean……..she is a voracious reader, on the 4th grade level, I think……

8. Get an agent for DD…….seriously, this guy is funny! And still so sweet and cuddly.

7. Run my second half marathon. I did the local race in March of 2009 and have registered for an Austin race in February.

6. Find suits to fit the mister……..he won the office Biggest Loser contest and is starting to run, as well.

5. Locate my box of desk items I packed when we moved to our new house in September.

4. Invest in tea tree oil shampoo……..2010 will be nit free for us!

3. Continue working on my mother in law’s campaign – Blanche is running for State Representative for District 14.

2. Spoil baby Holton and send him home :) Jori and Neil had their first baby in June.

1. Bask in the joy my faith, family and friends give me each day.

Happy Happy New Year from our house to yours!

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Becky said...

Fantastic goals!!!