Wednesday, July 15, 2009


1. What is the average number of times you get interrupted during your shower?

2. Desktop or laptop?

3. Do you read before bed, watch TV, or neither?

4. Can you do a cartwheel?

5. What body part is hurting today?

Happy Wednesday~


brickmomma said...
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dayna said...

1. zero...most days...often just once by Will with an emergency "can i call Luke?"
2. laptop...on my desk most of the time, though.
3. both
4. yep.
5. my feelings.

brickmomma said...

1. four
2. desktop
3. both
4. nope, never could
5. my shoulder and ball of my left foot.

Kathleen said...

1. Two, unless I get one in before anyone is awake.
2. Laptop
3. Both but usually TV
4. Used to but haven't tried in a very long time.
5. Head but not a headache -- just from thinking about way too many things.

Emily said...

1. 1 or 2 usually by Ally
2. Laptop
3. Read
4. Yes
5. My lip--cold sore--not fun!

Kalley said...

1. One long continuous interruption that doesn't end until I get out of the shower
2. Desktop
3. Both
4. I think so
5. My shoulder

Susan said...

1. 0
2. laptop - just got a new MacBook and I LOVE it
3. watch TV while I play on my laptop
4. yes
5. My back!

momofnolens said...

1. 0
2. desktop
3. mostly reading
4. yes
5. my foot

MiChal said...

1. 0
2. Both
3. Both - I'd rather read but hubby is VERY sensitive to the light
4. Not in decades
5. my jaw

Kelly said...

1. 0-1

2. Desktop

3. neither, but sometimes we'll watch a movie

4. yes

5. pretty obvious, but I choose not to write it out. lol

DeAnn Aalbers said...

1. 3-4...everyone has a question once I get in the shower.
2. Desktop, but soon I will have a laptop
3. I read & then watch TV
4. Yes I can!
5. My back...too much crafting time at the table today.