Friday, July 03, 2009

The story of the BrickHaus

Once upon a time there were 4 Bricks. They lived in a house with two other Bricks. It was a big house and there was plenty of room. But it wasn’t their BrickHaus. One day they found another house that soon became the BrickHaus. It was perfect.

A girl’s room with pink stripes and a boy’s room painted yellow with white stars. A big pantry for MommaBrick and a playroom for the baby Bricks. {Who at that time were barely 2 and 3 }

The Bricks have loved their Haus. It is close to Mr. Brick’s work, easy to find and they have several great friends in the neighborhood.

However it became clear in the spring that perhaps the Bricks were ready for a new Haus. Now there were 5 Bricks. And #1 and #2 were school ready. MommaBrick found out she had many friends going to teach at a particular school and she was convinced that #1 and #2 needed to be at that school.

With much prayer and discussion and a few tears and late night talks the tall Bricks were on the same page. If a house could be found in the zone that would send #1 and #2 to the particular elementary school they desired and said house met very specific requirements a move would be made.

They found it!

They found a house in the beginning stages of being built and are able to be a part of all of the major decisions regarding everything from light fixtures to brick color.

Yep, the Bricks get to pick the bricks!

The next step is to sell the original BrickHaus. The Bricks are confident that a family will stumble upon Morris Lane and it will be as big a blessing to that family as it has been to them.

Here’s to prayers and patience-

Happy Friday!~

This was taken on 7/2/09


MiChal said...

Congratulations! We sold our house in TN ourselves using a totally cool idea that requires only concentrated effort (a week or two) instead of constantly having to clean up and flee. And no realtor fees.

Kelly said...

So cool. It looks really neat. When will it be ready?

Christine said...

so excited for you guys. wish you would have moved a few years earlier so we could have been close. can't wait to see finished pictures!

Susan said...

That is so exciting! Keep us posted! What a fun experience!