Sunday, March 22, 2009


My number two is in love. He has found his future bride. Nevermind that they are only in preschool. #2 and sweet L have been in class together since they toured in the bye-bye buggy. There has always been a friendship there, but lately things have turned more serious.

Want evidence?

Since about birth I have been singing my son a special song, just for him. One of the lines goes "One day I bet my life, he'll find a real fine wife....." Now when I sing that line he interrupts me and spells out his true love's name.

This past week we were eating dinner outside, enjoying the wonderful weather. I asked #2, what is it exactly about L that makes her such a good friend? Without so much as a pause, he replied "I like the way she smells."

Seriously. That is what my 4 year old said.

I tried again. What about her makes her such a good friend? "I like the way she looks." he said with a shy grin.

Could I make this stuff up?

I love L's family and would be overjoyed if indeed we were one day in laws. However, 15 years is an awfully long time to court.

Happy Sunday~


momofnolens said...

Now, you do know that he will have competition for L don't you? My own Superman says that he and L are "friends" and I am sure that if they spent more time together, we might have some issues. We will have to see what happens in the future, but it would be kind of cool if some of our kiddos paired up!

Emily said...

How cute...they are so hilarious aren't they? It took me forever to figure out who "L" is but I think I solved it...they will make a beautiful couple!

Becky said...

Well, I've heard that those two G girls talk quite a bit about my handsome little man!! The older one might have an eye for him one day! We may all be intertwined! FUN! ;o)

Amanda said...

That is too funny!!

Andrea said...

I love that!?! Good info to keep around for the future, he's gonna be a heart breaker for sure...