Sunday, March 29, 2009


that is what I strive to be. It is probably the word I wish described me more than anything as a mother. Unfortunately that isn't the case. But that doesn't mean I am not yearning for it. Trying hard to attain it. Looking for ways to be more 'it'.

We have moved into a new phase here in the Brickhaus. Both #1 and #2 have joined the ranks of organized sports. Now, I haven't witnessed either one practice yet, so I can't say exactly how organized it is, but they practice regularly, nonetheless.

#1 practices once a week with games on the weekend. #2 practices twice a week, with games to take the place of practices after 3 weeks. Yeah, one night both practice at the same time in different locations.

I am excited for both of my big kids to spend time exercising. To learn to follow directions, execute new skills, meet new friends. To work hard, win some and lose some. Those are all valuable lessons.

What I am struggling with is how to make mealtimes work. Practice time is 6 pm. That is generally when we eat dinner. #3 can't make it much past then and truth be told, neither can I! When we get home from practice it is after 7 pm. Exercising kiddos =sweaty kiddos = stinky kiddos = BATHS! Bed time needs to be at 8 to ensure chipper babes{and this momma} in the morning.

So the logical answer is to eat before practice. This isn't rocket science, I know. But Mr. Brick doesn't get home til 5:30 and we should be out the door by 5:40. It occurs to me that the babes should eat around 5, then the adults can eat around 8 after the children go down.

My dilemma is the family dinner table. What I don't want to happen is fast food on the run, or to get into a rut where we never all 5 eat together. I am hoping that by being intentional in my planning and protecting our family meal times the other nights of the week we will continue to break bread together as a family. Just today I read in the paper all the things that go right more often when families eat together at the dinner table.

I realize that eating dinner together won't solve all of our problems. But it seems like a good way to at least be aware of each other's struggles and successes.

How do you make meal time come together as a family? Or how did it look growing up in your family?

Happy Sunday~


Susan said...

This has been our lives for the past few years. It only seems to get worse as the kids get older and more involved. Here are some things that I do that you could try:

1. Cook your supper all the way prior to leaving and either reheat it once you get home or leave it inside the oven (with the oven off) while you are gone in order to retain the heat.
2. Cook something on those nights in the crockpot.
3. Prepare all of your food prior to leaving and once you are at home start the cooking process and while it cooks bath the kiddos. Once it is finished cooking, you can all sit down at the table and eat and then off to bed. This one requires the kids having a healthy snack before leaving for the activity.

I aggree, eating at the table is really important. We TRY to make that happen on most nights, but there are some nights where it just can not happen. Some nights it is just with those that are there and that is still better than not trying.

Hope that helps!

Kathleen said...

Crockpot! I love my crockpot and I always try to either have leftovers ready or a crockpot meal on nights like that. If the kids have to eat before Bill gets home, they still eat at the table and I sit with them (although I sometimes wait to eat with Bill).

Intentional is my word too. It's so hard but if you aren't intentional, it's way too easy to let things just happen.

Sarah L. Knapp said...

What about breakfast together on practice days? Chocolate chip pancakes anyone?!?!? ;-)

Bobbie said...

great ideas from the other gals...michelle goes through the same thing, but, of course, she only has alex...he has practice at 5:45...daryl doesn't get home til after 7:00...not sure how she handles it...unfortunately, i think they bring in food quite a bit...good luck...

Christine said...

I think Sarah has a great idea about having breakfast on practice days be the big family meal. I feel that children need to eat before practice even with just one parent because they need the energy and eating a big meal right before bed isn't the bestidea for lots of reasons for my family(indigestion,boost of prebedtime energy,heavy feeling in tummy,etc). If you want everyone to eat together after practice,let the kids have their post game snack at the table with Dad while he eats his meal. Everyone gets to eat together even if it's a different food!!

Justin said...
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Justin said...

Don't be petrified to miss meals occasionally.

Families aren't happy and healthy because they eat meals together. They eat meals together because they are happy and healthy.

Does that makes sense?