Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do you have a plan?

Last night I was reading email when all of a sudden the entire house went pitch black. Instantly, I was disoriented and frightened. It was near 10 pm and Mr. Brick was at the gym. The babes were all sleeping.

It wasn't stormy or windy. My first thought was that there was a bad guy trying to get into my house. I sat completely still, listening for footsteps.

Was the garage door locked?

Surely I would hear something. Then I thought, no you wouldn't because bad guys are bad and they know how to be stealthy.

Fear gripped my heart and I sat motionless for a full minute. Do I go get the baseball bat? Do I sit in the kids' room? Which one? Where are the flashlights? Candles?

I prayed. I was scared.

I slowly got up and walked to the kitchen. It was black in this house. Couldn't see a thing. The entire 20 feet to the kitchen I was prepared to be assualted. Yes, I was that afraid. I ran my hands over the kitchen counter and found my cell phone. I quickly called my neighbor and found out they had lost power too.


I lit about 6 candles and called the mister to get home from the gym. He seemed a bit put off, but at that point I was near tears. I honestly had never been that scared. I know I have seen too many movies and read too many magazine articles, but bad things DO happen.

Last night I slept with my cell phone by my bed and I knew where the bat was. I need to think through a plan of action. Often, I would rather stick my head in the sand and assume nothing bad will ever happen. A good friend of mine plans for the worst at school and we have drills so that we know exactly what to do in a given scenario. Even then, I would rather not think of the possibilities. But I must.

Granted, adrenaline would be pumping and thoughts might not be crystal clear, but an idea of what to do would still be beneficial.

Last night was the first time I realized how completely out of control the safety of my family can be. How much I must rely on God and have faith that no matter the circumstnaces he is with me and will protect me. My soul, if not my body.

I didn't like it.

So, what's your plan?

Happy Thursday~


brickmomma said...

Even reading thru this post I feel fear in the pit of my stomach....The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear......

Becky said...

You are right, fear is very real and very gripping but, does not come from God. Altho, fear is a natural instinct that He gives us to protect ourselves. I don't like to think of these things either. I've had the type of fear that kept me from sleeping for months and drove me to borrow a gun.
In cases of a potential intruder, we have considered having a weapon, locked and hidden, but ready!?
Glad all was well.......sorry you had to endure that!

Susan said...

I know how scary that could have been. I am glad that it was just a power outage and all are safe. You have given me some stuff to think about!

Bobbie said...

I have been scared like that in the middle of the night. Mike travels so much...I now sleep with my cell phone and a flashlight by my bed when he's away. Actually, I keep the flashlight there all the time, but I think I will start keeping my cell phone there, too. Be prepared!

In Christ's Arms said...

My plan...

Grab the shotgun!!! Having a hunter as a husband we are fully armed at all times! My dad use to always say..."I don't worry about you, I worry and feel sorry for the guy who messes with you!" Ask my husband :) That may all change when I am thrown into the depths of panic but my plan is...protect my family at all costs.