Monday, January 26, 2009

7 miles

Dear Heavenly Father-

While I often am amazed by the miracles you perform around me daily, often seen in my children, I rarely take the time to realize the miracle that is ME.

You have healed me, protected me, convicted me, sought me out. You bless me, support me, surround me. You created me.

I run because I can and today, Father, I want to thank you for that. Yesterday my crew and I finished 7 miles. We finished strongly and we did not get injured. Lord, that is all You working. Between the three of us we have 8 children, we work jobs outside the home, and take care of our families. We love you Lord and aspire to praise and worship you with our lives.

Lord, we ask that You would continue to bless our running and make it an extension of our love for You as we learn to love our bodies. Not in a prideful, lustful way, but to love the temple that the Holy Spirit resides in. That we would continue to care for our earthly bodies, feed it healthy fuel and strengthen it with regular exercise.

Lord, you have used us to motivate others. Several have told us they have recently started exercising and I am extremely thankful for that. Help me not to get boastful, protect me from my pride and continue to blow us away with your power.

It is in your Son's Most Holy Name I pray-


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Donuts R Evil said...

Ditto!! Well said! Makes me want to put on my running shoes and hit the pavement...with my crew of course! ; ) Got crew? Will run!!! ; ) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jamee! I saw the 3 of you running Sunday afternoon and all of you looked great! You guys are amazing!

Lori Jones

Nicole said...

WOWSERS! That is awesome! So proud of you!!!!!!!