Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This morning I have a lot to be thankful for. Don't we all?

I am especially thankful for a dear friend that spurs me on. She and I began our friendship last year and although we are opposite in many ways we have found some common ground and have had the courage to go deep with each other. She knows many things about me and loves me anyway! She holds me accountable and asks the tough questions. That's hard!

When I first met her I thought I would lean on her to mentor me as she has FIVE kids and is an amazing mother. What is neat is that I feel like I help her to grow and stretch as much as she helps me. And actually she literally makes me stretch when we meet at the track every Thursday. I ran further today with her than I normally do. She encouraged me to go past the benches, then to the end of the bleachers.

There are some things about her I don't understand. She has amazing self control and doesn't struggle with the things I struggle with. She is a dedicated wife and mother and always puts them first. She puts much effort into her job and desires things to be perfect for her students. She rarely sits still and I am not sure how relaxing her downtime is. She challenges me to do more. To be more. To stop more.

I know there are things about me that baffle her. And because she is a dedicated friend she walks me through them and laughs with me. Or is it at me?

She inspires me to close my mouth sometimes. And I love it when she shares a juicy secret with me! That woman is full of surprises!

We have decided to be co-mentors and this is a relationship I adore. I love spending time with her, calling her for advice and knowing she is praying for me. I hope she enjoys our goofy conversations and my push to help her loosen up on occasion. While our differences are many our friendship is true and I look forward to many more years of 'track meets'!

Now go call your friend and tell her you love her!

Happy Thursday~


Justin said...

Friendships like that are fun.

Sarah L. Knapp said...

You guys are both so blessed! I emailed a friend like this yesterday out of the blue:-) Great minds think alike!!!

Bobbie said...

You are so lucky to have such a special friend! She sounds terrific!

Quiltermama said...

You two have something BIG in common--You're awesome teachers with huge hearts!!!

I'm thankful for you today, even though it's Sat.