Saturday, September 06, 2008

I realize I have been MIA.

I had a busy week, starting preschool and planning a shower for my sister and her fiance. All went well, but updating this blog just seemed like one more thing on a to do list that I didn't want to do....

Hopefully my attitude will improve greatly. With another day like yesterday, weather wise, I won't be able to help getting in a better mood!

In good news, my Granny came home yesterday from the rehab hospital. Now I am praying she follows the therapists orders and takes care of herself!

Happy Sunday~


momofnolens said...

Having a bad week, or just a busy one?

Quiltermama said...

But, you look great!!! :o)

I just thought I'd try to cheer you up!!! And, get some diet secrets!!! :-)

So happy to have gotten to see you this week!!!