Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is weird. I am sitting at home, waiting for my neighbor to bring home my daughter from kindergarten.

Never done that before.

Happy Thursday~


Chalcuckles said...

Just wait until you're waiting for her teenage boyfriend to bring her home!

Christine said...

...or it could be her teenage boyfriend who is your neighbor bringing her home!!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, Ashton tested positive for it. He's better now. Still every once in a while says his tummy hurts. They say you can get it over and over again! I'm missing work tomorrow, and going to the doctor. A trip to the ER and some IV fluids made me feel much better, but I lost about 5 pounds w/ the baby. Not good. :( Kanton had it last Friday, and he got over it much faster than me. I was in bed 5 days. Is that possible for a mom??