Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yada, Yada, Yada

Have you ever had a conversation that caught you off guard? Been talking about one thing when suddenly it veers in a completely different direction? Or maybe you started out jabbering about a light topic when it slowly got deep and real. I had a conversation like that today. There was some down time during my day and a friend and I were talking about ways to spend a weekend away. As we talked it became more about life choices and the maturing process.

We don't generally have time to talk in the detail with which we talked today. We usually don't share as much personal information. When it was over, I wondered if I had made a mistake. But I don't think so. I feel a peace with my honesty and blessed by our conversation.

If you know me at all you probably think I share too many details. I bet you think you know way more than you need to about most areas of my life. But there are some things I keep close to my chest. Some areas I struggle with that I am not proud of. And often I gloss over those things. Or make comments that are a bit misleading, while not quite dishonest. Today I was wholly honest, knowing it was a risk. And it was a risk I am glad I took.

Now go talk to somebody!

Happy Saturday~


Kathleen said...

You must have watched the video! Good for you. It's so hard to go past the superficial level and take that risk.

Jaci2424 said...

Of course I am coming to see you guys, do you honestly think that I would come to CS and not come see my fave cousin and my fave second cousins...crazy lady. I kind of want to talk to you while Im down there, maybe if we get the chance we can have a real conversation. Cant wait to see you guys. I love you very much!!!

Quiltermama said...

You looked extra pretty today--just thought I'd let you know!