Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick and tired of being sick and tired~

Those words ring true today. Sunday afternoon I started sneezing and coughing and have not felt 100% since. It has not become a full fledged anything, yet I continue to feel draggy and worn out.

Perhaps that is because one can never be sick alone. As I was realizing I felt sick, my #2 suddenly felt very warm to me. 102.0 under the arm. I used to be told to add a degree to that, but that isn't what the docs do anymore. Regardless, he has had fever all week. Been pretty puny and sensitive. I took him to the dr yesterday afternoon and after a quick exam Dr. H pronounced him sick. Very sick and ordered a CBC test stat. We went down stairs and I pried his arm out of his jacket and held it with strength I didn't know I had. Poor boy SCREAMED. It was horrible.

Thankfully Mr. Brick had taken his lunch to stay home with the girls so that not everyone had to be exposed to who knows what at UPA.

Several hours later we got a phone call and #2 does not in fact have pneumonia, only the flu. I guess that's good news.

He seems stronger today, though his fever is still hovering over 100.0. He isn't eating much but has some energy back. I am praying the rest of the house doesn't get sick.

Hope you are healthy!

Happy Wednesday~


Sarah L. Knapp said...

Oh, I pray for fast healing for you all. I am starting to get that tickle, that little feeling and I know I am probably freaking but my kids are so so so I get that never being sick alone thing.
I love you so!

Anonymous said...

Big get well kisses, hugs and prayers from Grammy!! I just hope I didn't start it!!

Anonymous said...

Poor darlin'....get some rest my amiga!


Anonymous said...

Praying for everyone's quick recovery and longlasting health!!! I think there should be a limit on how sick one family can get, and when it's fulfilled, you're done for the cold/flu season!

Get some rest!!!