Monday, January 14, 2008

40 years

Today is my in-laws fortieth wedding anniversary. That is a really long time and they have not had an easy road. Many years were spent apart, traveling or living in different countries. They have spent time in 3 different states, including Hawaii. {Now that couldn't have been too bad!} Both are professional educators and way smarter than I'll ever be. They lean to different political parties and that makes for interesting dinner conversation.

I have been around these people for 14 of the last 40 years and I have never witnessed a more dedicated couple. They serve each other unselfishly and are often found helping others out. They have not lived alone for more than 6 months since their first child was born. Shortly after their son went off to college Nana moved in for 10 years. Several months after she passed away Mr. Brick and I moved our brood back home for almost two years and when we moved out Kat moved back in. I have not ever heard them complain about this lack of privacy or personal time or space. Not once.

BB^2 raised two of the most loving and helpful people I know. I even married one of them! Both have taken to the role of grandparent in such a glorious way, always, I mean always, eager to help out when need be. In fact I am a bit under the weather today and they took their lunch break to go pick up #1 and #3 from preschool while #2 and I vegged on the couch.

I think I could ask them for anything and they would make it happen. I love them both and I am blessed to call them family.

Happy Anniversary, BB^2!

Happy Monday~


Anonymous said...

I missed you today!!! :-(

Get well and come back soon!!!

Give the little man hugs for me!!!


MiChal said...

You are so good at honoring those you love. :-)

Bobbie said...

That is the sweetest "tribute" I've ever read! I hope they know how lucky they are to have you in their family.

Hope you're feeling better...