Thursday, January 10, 2008

a little box of soap

Have you ever been called to jury duty? What was your response? Did you try to get out of it? Reschedule? Complain about the inconvenience? Or were you inspired by the opportunity to serve your country, the justice system, yada yada yada?


Each side, the defense and prosecution get ten strikes. If you feel like you cannot fairly listen to the evidence you get stricken. If you are too close to any of the characters in the courtroom, you get stricken.

Jurors need to be of sound mind and wise. Discerning and trustworthy. Able to listen to the evidence and make a decision. Granted, sometimes that decision will be life changing for a defendant. But it is also life altering to the victim of the crime. And a jury system is what we have in place right now in the courts of America.

It has been my recent experience that jurors are having a hard time determining right from wrong. They must be feeling bad about calling another person guilty, regardless of the evidence.

I am certain that the loyal readers of this blog are intelligent and followers of the law. Please, the next time you get a jury summons, instead of using your wits to figure out a way to get out of your duty, why don't you go to the courthouse and see about helping Lady Justice?

That is all.

Happy Thursday~


Becky said...

As I was telling the other day.......sooooo excited to get my first call EVER the other day! I want to do it sooooo one to care for my little one if I were chosen to sit........?? what do you do? Hubby has gotten many, many cards to come but, never chosen to sit. We have a great system that needs to be respected!

kristen said...

I would love to serve on a jury and feel everyone should do so willingly not begrudgingly. That said, a police officer's wife rarely gets picked. I'm usually one of first to be stricken by the defense.

{{shan}} said...

Ouch. You just stepped on my toes! {grin} In recent years, I have turned in my card with the reason of small children at home being my reason for not serving. That said, I have actually served on a jury. I was 19years old. If anything else I learned that people are greedy and many waste the time of judges, district attorneys, and the good people who do show up to serve on the jury. That little stint cost me a lot more than a few days' time. I was also out wages for five days. As a college student working full time for the summer, that really hurt! But in the end, you are right. Our juries need good, wise, people. Thanks for making me think today!

Myrna said...

I too used my reason of small kids. To which I was told "Well, aren't they in school?", "Don't you have someone to watch them?". I really didn't at the time. I would love to sit on a jury. I hated not being able to the one time I was summoned. Next time I'll make sure I'm there!

Anonymous said...

I tried to serve...the minute I said I was a cop's wife...I was out. They asked me if I supported the death penalty. I answered, yes, and if I had my way sex offenders would get it too! It was a sex offender on trial...I was dismissed.


P.S Glad they didn't ask me about the right to bear arms/gun control..I would have said something Texan like "We have 5 loaded weapons at all times, I think that is the essence of gun control."

Bobbie said...

I was called to serve a few years ago. It was a waste of time. They called 70 people for the "pool", and I was number 64...the lawyers never even looked my way. They even said that our group(10 of us were sitting off to the side) would not get asked. We all went to lunch and returned to listen to the other lawyer...then we left the room for a while...returned and were excused. By the way, the case was 1 1/2 years old...injury/accident. So...I'm not thrilled with the court system. Sorry...

brickmomma said...
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brickmomma said...

small children are a valid excuse.

it IS an inconvenience. so is crime.

they found him guilty. thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Making me think...hmmm... :-)

I think I'll go to bed and try to attempt that tomorrow! My littlest has decided that she needs her Mommy in the middle of the night lately.


Justin said...


MiChal said...

I've been summoned three times, I think. I've only been selected once and that was for a traffic ticket. It's twisted (probably) but I've always wanted to serve on a jury.

I have a dear friend whose spouse is currently in prison for an internet-related sex offense. She chose early on to stand with him. Most people, especially co-workers, think she's nuts. Their church and a handful of close friends have walked alongside them through this Valley of Baca. Is my overeating/drinking, pride, laziness, etc. (I could list MANY things) any less offensive to God?