Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Today is my mom's birthday. It is the day after our anniversary, the day after Elvis' birthday. I remember growing up that when an aunt would send our Christmas presents she always sent a birthday present for my mom in bright birthday paper, very different from the Christmas wrapping. Very thoughtful.

My kiddos call her Grammy. And she is such a great Grammy. She will talk on the phone any time they call. She buys cool presents and awesome clothes. She has been known to come up to help me clean, all I had to do was ask.

She was living in Florida when I unexpectedly had to have an emergency c-section with #1. She was on the phone with the doctor all morning, making certain I had the best care possible at her old stomping grounds. She jumped on a plane and made it just hours after the birth. With #2 we also went earlier than planned and she again jumped on a plane and made it with minutes to spare. #3 was at her old hospital and she even got to be in the operating room!

Her being a nurse is a huge blessing to me. She probably thinks I am a hypochondriac because I call her often with random symptoms and she always calms me down.

We love our Grammy tremendously!

Have a happy, happy birthday, Grammy!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday debi-deb! You also mean alot to us. You were there for both my babies' births and a great confort I might add (in case I never told you that). I also remember when I was first married and broke as all get-out. We went to a tupperware party (or some sort of party like that) and I could not spend a single dime;someone had given you money to buy their goods for them since they couldnt make the party and you gave their money to me to place the order as if I were buying it, so that I didnt have to feel embarassed for not buying anything. so,'s to you for being a great sister-in-law.
aunt lisa

Anonymous said...

I love her too! :-) She's a sweet soul!!! Tell her hi for me!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so honored to be your blog topic, even if #1 was astounded at how very old I am!! Love you!