Thursday, January 17, 2008

Parenting University, Part I

I spend entirely too much time stalking other people's blogs. I know this. However, I have stumbled across a really great one and Kat is hosting Parenting University on Thursdays. The idea is to have many different people post on topics each week and then we can read and share ideas. So, here goes.

Today's topic is discipline. Um, any boundaries? Nope. Any specific questions? nah.....go with what you know.

I have 3 children and a degree in Child Development. I feel like I have been preparing for motherhood my entire life. I have been around children for years. And years. I have babysat for groups of 12, I have run an art camp, I should know this, right?! I do, sorta. Kinda. Maybe?

Consistency is key, someone else pointed that out. I cannot stress that enough. And it has to happen daily, hourly, and by both parents. How quickly children learn what will work for each parent. I have had children in my preschool class who are completely compliant during the day. Then the second Mom comes, poof, it is like a different child exists. Part of that is because our children always save their most outrageous behavior for us. Another element, however, is they know what is acceptable at school and what is acceptable at home.

Our job as parents is to raise children who can function in society. My job is to raise children who love Jesus, but unfortunately, that isn't every one's goal. I tell my children over and over again that my job is to keep them safe and their job is to listen and obey. I make them repeat it back to me, which is what Kat does too. Repetition is awesome! And when they disobey, they get a spanking. Here is where I struggle with consistency. I can tell when I have been strong and done my job. My son misbehaves way less. However, on days I get lazy or lax, the misbehavior keeps coming and coming.

All in all, I have a long way to go in this parenting thing. I do like the idea of sharing ideas, though and I pray you do, as well.

Happy Thursday~


Anonymous said...

Super nanny is my hero.

Kat said...

Looks like you got a worthwhile degree for what you're doing now.

My degree was in Telecommunication. I don't "telecommunicate" with my kids very much, although I occasionally "yellacommunicate" with them.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Lisa H said...

I like the point you made about how quickly children learn what will work for each parent! My kids are experts in the art of what they can get away with when Daddy is watching them!

I also like your line about " my job is to keep them safe and their job is to listen and obey." I think I'm going to teach my kids that one!

Thanks for sharing!

Bobbie said...

I am now "grandparenting". I have one grandchild who I absolutely adore, but he can be a challenge, at times. I went to a workshop several years ago, given by a child psychologist. She suggested giving choices to the child, but the second choice is the one you really want the child to choose. It doesn't work all the time with my grandson, but it's worth a try!