Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the saga continues.....

Have I mentioned my biggest loser competition? I joined a group of ladies I greatly admire and we are attempting to lose some unwanted pounds as well as instill healthy habits in ourselves and our children.

The contest began last week. #2 had the flu and I had the crud. I did okay on the eating front but literally nothing by way of exercise. Somehow I managed to lose 3 pounds. This week was going to be it, I thought to myself. We were all healthy, feeling good and I want that money ;)

I went to the gym on Monday. Ran with a friend on Tuesday. Jumped all around my classroom yesterday. My alarm was set to go off at 5 this morning so I could hit the gym again before Mr. Brick began his marathon day at the office.

At 4:45 my #3 was up. I tried to just let her go back to sleep, after covering her with her blanket and starting her music. I went back down the hall, changed into my workout clothes and could still hear O. Getting louder. Now, Mr. B. had been up late last night listening to those Bears beat up on the Ags and I knew he had a big day today, so I couldn't leave O chattering away in her crib while I went to the gym.

{Although it does take an awful lot of noise before Daddies will wake up, compared to Moms. Is this true in your house, too?}

As I went back down the hall to get #3, #1 tumbles out of her room. Burning up. I tell her to go to bed with Daddy and I will be right there. I pick up O and lay down in the big bed with her. She is making all sorts of noises, laughing at herself and doing all that she can to get me to join in. I don't respond but she doesn't get the hint. Finally, I rationalize that she hadn't eaten since 630 last night, so I get up, make her a bottle and sit with her on the couch. She drinks it all and I put her back in bed at 545. At this point I have missed squats. And what is pump without the squats?

{Besides easier?}

I go back in my bedroom, thinking I could at least go to the gym and get some cardio in. #1 calls to me and says softly, I cannot sleep. She is so hot, and I bet feeling really crummy. I lay down next to her and scratch her back and legs, which is her favorite thing of all.

{She takes after her Momma on that one!}

At some point we both fall back asleep and when Mr. Brick is getting ready to leave at 745 I take her temperature. 101.3. Poor girl. Right now she is watching Curious George and we have an order for juice in with PaPa. He is on his way.

Looks like it will be another home day for these folks. Hopefully the baby will stay healthy, though that seems unlikely at this point.

Hope you are feeling good!

Happy Thursday~


Anonymous said...

Hope that you can stick to your biggest loser, Good Luck to all you ladies. I wish I had y'alls will power to do so.

Erin's sis


alice said...

Hang in there, Jamee!

Love on those babies and we'll hope for the best with Baby O!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, isn't it funny that everyone in the next county can hear the baby WAILING but somehow JB can not....hmmmm.


truevyne said...

it's so hard being a momma and doing just about anything else. i have empathy for you.

Becky said...

So sorry you have another one with fever! Sounds like we will be missing you guys tomorrow! Stay warm!