Friday, January 25, 2008

As I am home again today with a flu baby I have been tempted to eat more. When I am around other people I find it much easier to control myself, deny myself, whatever. But when I am alone, with only myself to answer to, I sometimes hang up the phone.

Today started out good. I had a healthy breakfast. A bit of a snack. Then, for some reason, I grabbed a handful of chocolate animal crackers. Have you had these things? They are good. I really don't know why I grabbed them, bored, I guess.

As I walked away with them, I thought Dang! I shouldn't have done that. Then I walked back to the pantry to get some more.

I told myself no.

I said might as well, you aren't going to win the biggest loser anyway.

I seriously went back in forth in my head and THEN I DIDN'T EAT THEM!!

But I wanted too. I washed the taste away with an entire bottle of water. Still wanted them. Thought about brushing my teeth, then I spied some cinnamon tic tacs in the cabinet. Viola~ 1.9 calories each - I looked. I popped two in my mouth and promptly forgot about the animal crackers.

Felt so good about myself I cleaned the front of all my cabinets with a knock off magic eraser.

Yep, I am weird.

Happy Friday~


Becky said...

Good for you not eating them!!!! YEAH!! I am the worst about horrible snack eating when I'm home and no one is around! Don't listen to the evil voices....move away from the bad snacks and no one will get hurt!

Angela said...

That's so great, I do that too and I always go for the unhealthy stuff. I recently read in Self magazine that if you smell peppermint you will eat less.

Justin said...

but it's a good weird