Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I heard it on Christmas.....

"I got my own laptop. Finally." #1

"It's His birthday" #2(pointing to the ceiling)

"Oh, I didn't get you anything." me to Mr. Brick

"I see fat, fat, really fat stockings." #1

"This is a great day for a birthday." #2 (he seems to get it, doesn't he?)

"Can I just try out my bike first?" #1

"Ah. Aha. Heeeeeeee." #3

"I am superman." #2

"Ow, my arm hurts!" Aunt Bird, playing her new Wii.

"Another project for another day." Mr. Brick to Poppy concerning the installation of a new attic ladder.

"I am making a funny little creature." #2

"Let's go ride my bike."#1(heard repeatedly throughout the day!)

"Only if you don't tell anyone else." #1 whispers to #2....wonder what they are conspiring about....

"Dang, my shoulder hurts!" me, after 2 hours of playing my sister's Wii.......I SO WANT ONE!!

I am certain I will add to this list. We are watching a new movie, reading new cookbooks, drinking Christmas coffee and keeping warm with super soft blankets. We have been blessed. We are blessed. We pray you feel the blessings, as well.

What have you heard today?

Happy Tuesday~
Merry Christmas~
Happy Birthday, Jesus~


emilybmyers said...

Merry Christmas to your family as well. Glad #3 will look so stylish:) I've heard about M wanting to ride her scooter all day! Glad you guys have had such a wonderful day. Enjoy your break!

Angela said...

I am glad #1 finally got that laptop - now she can catch up with the other kids her age! - Angela

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

"OoooOOOoooo me got more stickers" K-mad thinking everything she got was a packet of stickers.
"Mom, how old is Jesus?" (roughly 2011, Daddy says) "Do we have enough candles for his cake?" Nate-dawg