Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Crazies

So it happened last night. I went a little bit Christmas crazy. All season I have been trying to talk myself out of matching Christmas pajamas. A couple of times I would look through the pajamas at Old Navy, but couldn't find all three sizes I wanted. I decided it wasn't a huge deal, there were more important things to buy, right?

Last night at around 7 pm I told Mr. Brick I would just swing by the Navy yard one more time to see if they had restocked. Negative. I was so close to the red bullseye store, I could just run over there and look. Then something happened. Something in my brain went haywire and I HAD to have 3 sets of matching pjs. Unisex, baby and toddler and little girl sized. And the hunt was on.

I went to the mall. I looked in all the large department stores. The expensive baby boutique. The cheap sporting goods store. EVERYWHERE. Nothing. Nada. One pair here in the right size. Another pair there. I got hot and sweaty. I started getting light headed. I called my mom to talk me down from this weird place. year I am going to look for pjs at the end of November. And I am going to buy them when I find the ones I like. I don't care for the Christmas crazies.....

Have you been crazy this year?

Happy Monday!
Merry Christmas!~


Anonymous said...

Awe, and as I read your story I thought for sure you would have a happy ending to your story. Something like maybe as you were leaving your very last store there they were! Awe. Maybe next year.
aunt lisa

Justin said...

the internet is your friend.

Bobbie said...

You're hilarious! I, too, thought you'd find what you were looking for. There's always next year...Michelle always gives everyone pj pants every year, but they don't need to match. Of course, it doesn't matter for us. Anyway, good might try buying them on-line next year...

Merry Christmas to all!

Anonymous said...

Girl! Just go to the local outlet in Nov. Good prices, cute stuff, and all in one store! :o) I was totally (as my son would say...) LOL at your blog! Bravo!


Anonymous said...

OH...and my crazies was over the Baby Alive Bonus Set (doll plus a gazillion accessories for the same price as just the doll) at Toys R Us. I ended up getting it, but I am quite sure they got tired of seeing me coming! Can't keep me away from a good deal! ha ha!