Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday!

To our Aunt Bird!! She is a fun, crazy, busy, helpful aunt. She loves to tkae my kids to sporting events, plays, overnights and anything else where she may draw attention to herself and get to mention that "No, she is not the mom!" :)

She is a pro babysitter and helps out whenever possible. She rides horses, ropes cows and kicks soccer balls. She works out daily, calls each morning and is all around a superstar! She loves my children dearly, though I am certain she likes bringing them home just as much.
Aunt Bird enjoys live music and keeps a very full social calendar. Want to know what is going on around town? Ask the Bird!
She has always smirked when folks have asked which of us is older (I am.). I am trying to tell her that isn't such an asset now that I am in the next decade. She is a trend follower and always has the cutest purses and probably 100 pairs of shoes. She even has golf shoes. Does she golf? Not exactly.



Anonymous said...

I love you too, jori! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!
aunt lisa

Anonymous said...

Jori Have a great Birthday. Miss all of you so much. Love and hugs Aunt chris