Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 3

Well today is day 3 of my early morning routine. As my preacher said last night, I was walking by faith, not by feelings. Cuz I was feeling TIRED this morning at 5:08! I went to the same track and met with the same friend and we had more good conversation. She also added in some mini drills that were a lot like boot camp. Let me tell you about boot camp....

It is from 530-630 in the morning at a local park. But you really have to get there before 530 so you can run or walk a lap to get warmed up. (I ran with my sister!) Then we moved on to the wet grassy hill for drills. Up and down the hill we went, skipping, jogging backwards, shuffling, hitler walking, and probably some I forgot. I was really nervous about the wet grass. After an unfortunate accident involving cat pee in 1oth grade I am paranoid about slipping. I didn't, nothing to see here.

Following that was a 10 minute romp thru four rotations, with a different exercise at each and a different mode of transport between each. Jumping jacks, jumping lunges, jumping squats and push ups were the order of the day. I still didn't slip!

Then the Wednesday Fun began. In the form of a scavenger hunt. We broke up into groups of 4, solved clues and did exercises at each station........more pushups, burpees, mountain climbers and the like. And we ran from clue to clue. Well, they did and I did the best I could!

After that we did some weight work and my arms and flab were weight enough. After a short abs sessions and some stretches the hour was up. Whew! What an incredible workout. I am super sore today. These people pay money and go every day. EVERY day at 515 am. Wow. I am impressed. And if I had the $$ I would probably sign up for the next session. Do I have any benefactors out there?

Happy Thursday~


Justin said...

I'm a little sore today too. I played my roommates Nintendo Wii for about an hour last night (tennis). For those of you who are wondering why I'm sore from playing a video game, it's because you literally use the remote as the tennis racket (or the bowling ball or the boxing glove...etc).

Swinging...especially when you start getting into it... can be pretty tiring. :)

leslie said...

I am very impressed. I heard that boot camp was fun. You go, girl! Don't forget, 10 months up, 10 months down. A few more days of early rising and you will have formed a concrete habit. Yay!!!

{{shan}} said...

I've heard of these boot camps. Don't know that I could do it that early in the AM even if I had the cash to pay for it. Sounds like fun, though!

Anonymous said...


I need to hear the cat pee story now!!! :o)

(of course, that's what I locked onto--haha!)


Nicole said...

I dont get up at 5:30 am to eat donuts.
'nough said?