Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10 Reasons I like Getting Up Early to Exercise

1. Semi-coolness of the dark
2. Witnessing an eclipse
3.Able to talk with a dear friend without small children clamoring for attention
4.The non-thinking of the track
5. I woke up because I woke up, not because someone needed me
6.No lines at Walmart at 7 am
7.My 1st thing grumpiness has worn off by the time I return home to greet my family
8.I have accomplished at least one thing, even if I do nothing else today
9. However I feel energized and ready to accomplish more
10. Exercise can never be bad for me

I wonder why I don't do this more regularly. I seriously love the way I feel after I exercise. Early morning is the only time I can fit it in and I am in such a good mood afterwards. This is much better than an extra hour of so-so sleep. I want to make this my habit! I used to walk with my neighbor each day and we were consistent. Then I went and got pregnant and had dr's orders to rest and here I am, almost a year later.

Oh well, I started again today. And tomorrow I am going to boot camp with my sister. Maybe I am on the road back to physical fitness, yet again!

When do you fit in exercise?

Happy Tuesday~


Nicole said...

You must have been up EARLY! The news last night said the eclipse would be red & visible at 4 am!
I agree on everything you said. The best time for me is around 7:30 if addy agrees to get all the kids to bed. I have tried early morning, but I completly POOP out by 11:00 am :)

erin said...

exercise? what's that?

just kidding. that's what i look like, but i've actually been getting up at 5am to go to the gym. it does make you feel better afterwards though.

leslie said...

Now that #1 and #2 are in school, I walk at around 8:30 a.m. When the kids are home (summer, etc) I usually go in the evening. However, that doesn't always work and I can tell a difference. During each of the last two summers I've gained a few pounds and I know it is because of the decrease in activity! The older I get the harder it is getting those few pounds off when school starts. Happy exercising!

Laura Brittain said...

I love doing it around 5:30 AM for all the reasons you listed. I'm not feeling great, so I didn't go early this morning, but I took the kids to the gym with me around 11 AM and got a good 30 minutes on the weights doing circuit style so my heart rate was up and building muscle at the same time. Hope I'll be able to move tomorrow! :o)

{{shan}} said...

Ooh! Tell me about the boot camp you are going to...

Snap said...

Well I joined the Y last week and I have made 1 yoga class and 3 spin classes so far and tonight I am so feeling it! But in a good, I know my body will thank me for it, kind of way. Way to go Rockstar! You encourage me. I know you have a lot of people relying on you and so much responsibility and if you can do it, surely I can:-)
Love you.

Nicole said...

How did this morning go?

Becky said...

I walk on my treadmill in the evenings. Dear hubby will often take over kid duty so that I can do it early, after dinner. Lots of times, I walk after the kids have gone to bed. So, I end my day with it, not begin it. It's a good de-stresser at the end of the day! Glad you're back at it and feeling so good about it!!