Friday, August 31, 2007

Random Friday

I finally broke down and tried this slide show for myself. It took longer than I imagined, but I like it! These are just random shots from a recent folder. I will do a more dedicated show next.

Do you enjoy slide shows?


Justin said...

Look at Nearly-30-year-old-Jamee and her high-tech slide show! ;)

Very nice...does it have any settings besides the shaky black and white?

brickmomma said...

you can make all sorts of styles

Anonymous said...

O looks JUST like Bean!


Anonymous said...

If you click on the black and white you can see it in color.
Great job proud of you.
Strawberry lady

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice work. All of that slide show business is like trying to figure out a foreign language for me. I'm super impressed. --Susie