Saturday, July 28, 2007


My presentations went really well, I think! I had to give it 5 times and by the end I wasn't sure what I had already said, but the teachers got to play with my stuff and it seems like they had fun! I guess I will know after my boss gives us the evaluation results.

Thanks for the prayers, how awesome is our God??????


Anonymous said...

I am SOOO sad that I missed your awesome presentation my friend. But I had no doubts that you would do a great job.


Snap said...

Yay for being done:-) And yay for doing a great job because I know you did. I love you - S.

The Saenz Family Rawks said...

I think your presentation was great. I was nervous for you at first (and perhaps a bit jealous that you got asked to do one and I didn't), but really enjoyed your presentation. I could tell that you put a super lot of work into it!