Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Defensive Driver of the Year!

Yesterday we were blessed enough to receive free tickets to Schlitterbahn. For those of you not familiar with that name, it is an amazing water park in the hill country area of Texas. It is on the Comal river and I have been going there for as long as I can remember. It was an annual trip as part of my youth group and I have gone back as an adult and had just as much fun.

Because the tix were free we decided to take #1 and #2 and introduce them to the incredible place.

We left around 830 am and the skies were blue, the sun was bright, the cooler was packed, and the kiddos were silly. It had all the makings for a perfect summer day. 30 minutes down the road all that changed.

I was reading the newspaper and #1 and #2 had calmed down to get some rest. Suddenly Mr. Brick swerved huge into the left turn lane. A blue trans am came barreling thru, hitting the three cars in front of us(one of which was a 18 wheeler tanker truck), pinball style. I called 911, we all pulled over and amazingly enough no one was hurt. After the police and sheriff got there and did some tests the driver of the blue car was handcuffed and arrested for DWI (remember this is 9AM on a Monday).

Because Mr. Brick actually saw the driver coming towards us in the rear view mirror he gave a witness statement. The other drivers had no idea this was coming.

We were spared any damage and the only thing hurt was my sense of safety. Funny enough, the car in front of us that was hit was my 8th grade history teacher and she and I got to catch up for the hour or so we were on the side of the highway.

Anyway, my sister in law said we should call our insurance man to get a discount for Mr. Brick's superb driving skills. Then when we got home and got the mail, we had received a refund from good ole' State Farm........thanks for the reward!

Lesson of the day...........never become complacent while driving.......and thank God for traveling mercies........

PS We had a great time at Schlitterbahn!!!!


Kelly said...

Jamee that just gives me the chills. I am so glad John was paying attention and you were able to enjoy Schlitterbahn. I am so glad none of you were hurt.

Normal Nolens said...

Prayers do indeed work! I am so glad that you all are safe! How scary! Give Mr. Brick a huge kiss for keeping your family safe!

erin said...

you did make it to schlitterbahn right? i used to be a lifeguard there .. in my skinny days!
glad y'all are safe!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's pretty crazy...I'm so glad you are all safe and sound and no one else was hurt! Just curious....which history teacher was it?

Love, Christie

Leslie said...

Wow! Thank you, Jesus, for protecting this precious family. Mr. Brick deserves major props for his awareness...especially in light of newborn-induced sleep-deprivation!

Anonymous said...

How scary!!! And, how blessed ya'll were! Mr. Brick's reflexes and awareness were definitely a God-thing!!! It's so easy to get lulled into automatic driving on long trips. I'm glad ya'll are ok!!!


Snap said...

9am on a Monday morning, wow. I am glad everyone is safe and sound. You do not lead a dull life love!
Just over a month (*squeal*)!!!
Love, S.