Thursday, June 07, 2007

Superman and Supergirl

Yes, we have 2 superheroes in our midst. They morph into Superman and Supergirl any time the mood strikes and the game is often the same. They run around asking me repeatedly if I need help. Supergirl was actually bummed tonight when I did all the dishes and didn't let her help me. And they both rescued Daddy from the dreaded knotted shoelace.

After dinner we went to the best snow cone stand in town and then headed over to a great park. The big kids ran and played and #3 really enjoyed the breeze, the noise and just being outside. It was extremely pleasant and I am hoping after my toe heals I will be able to take advantage of the walking trail around the park. I am still working on this baby weight....and I will be working for a looooooong time to come ;)

So, today I am thankful for my little super heroes who are giggling together in Superman's bed. They've taken to snuggling together and falling alseep. Now they are telling each other "You crack me up." That cracks me up!

Oh, notice Superman's new summer ' short!

happy Thursday~

*Friday Update*
PS Last night as I changed Supergirl's sheets yet again, she said "Thank you Supermomma." OK, I can deal with that!


Anonymous said...

As always, TOO cute!!!

Don't you just love watching them grow up together?!

I get an extra special joy out of watching mine, having been an only! :-)

Snap said...

It's okay with me if you have a couple of superheros around!
What's up with the toe?
Love you,

{{shan}} said...

Our SuperGirl has those same pink Princess jammies!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes supergirls have to change their sheets a lot after a new smaller super hero enters the universe. It doesn't last long:)