Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Prayers please:

Many of you know how truly I want to nurse baby #3. It has been my prayer throughout this pregnancy that my body might work in such a way that I would be able to nourish my baby. Things were a bit rough at first, as they normaly are, I am told. Plus #3 came at 37 weeks and her mouth and jaw are still maturing. We finally caught on on day 3 and things seemed to be going well. We went in yesterday for our 5 day check up and her bilirubin levels were 18.1 and normal levels are under 5. We were admitted to the hospital and I spent a rather frustrating night trying to get her to nurse and then supplementing with a bottle.

My girl is no fool....she learned super fast how much easier it is to get grub from a bottle than her momma's breast and is now trying to fight the breast. This too is to be expected and it doesn't surprise me, though it makes me sad. We are continuing to offer the breast and we are hopeful that if it is God's will we will make it thru this period with minimal confusion and maximum nutrition.

I am home for a quick shower and to love on #1 and #2 for a few minutes. Grammy has morphed into SUPERGRAMMY and is doing a terrific job of keeping the brickhaus running smooth........

Say a prayer for us please......that rest may be had, that food may be taken in and that waste may be removed.

Thanks and happy Tuesday~


Anonymous said...

So well said.
I will keep praying!

Snap said...

Prayers! I love you - I was thinking of you just a bit ago, and am glad for the update.
Love to you all - S.

Anonymous said...

I sure will! I hope things will get better really fast!!! I'll be praying for ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to identify myself after my comment! Must be the hormones!!! ;-)