Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We're home!


Today Grammy and I brought #3 home and this time we are planning on staying here. We spent 2 nights getting a tan and #3 finally dirtied her diaper after Ms. Cece did her magic ;) We are doing good, rather tired, but happy.

#1 and #2 had their annual check ups today and had to get shots : ( Both did fine, #2 didn't shed a tear. #1 had to get 4 shots and it was a bit more traumatic for her. We recovered nicely with icees and new underwear from Target........ain't life grand?

I am about to put a heating pad to my back and nurse this little girl. Thanks for the prayers.... they are sustaining me!

Happy what day it is?


Nicole said...

So glad to hear you are home again. I was so sad that I couldnt get up there to see yall. I will keep praying!

Anonymous said...

congrats! i don't know how you manage 3 now. this one that i have is a hand ful. i know you feel so blessed though and are such a great mommy. hope to see you soon. -erin

Anonymous said...

It was a nice surprise to see ya'll today! Your kids are SO darling!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Momma Brick! I am glad you are finally home. I have been kinda busy this week and I am moving my stuff this weekend but let me know one day next week that I can cook for your precious family.
Love ya!

Andrea said...

Hey there - SO glad you are home again. You are amazing to be able to get a trip to target in with all that going on! Or did Mr. Brick buy the new panties? I can't picture that...