Monday, May 28, 2007

Another birthday!

Today is Poppy's brithday. Happy Happy Brithday, dear Poppy!

We are here at his house celebrating with him and have had tons of fun. Yesterday we drove to the beach and I discovered Poppy can build sandcastles just as well as he can build snowmen! I carry on his packratting gene and our garage looks eerily similar to his. After 20+ years, 6+ moves, including across the country 3 times he was able to find sled wax for the winter it actually snowed south of I-10.

He is a devoted Poppy, never tiring of questions, walks to the river and dollar store treasures. His perfect day involoves lots of yard work, a fishing pole and food on the grill. He enjoys baseball, Nascar and rock and roll.

Because of him, my children are able to call a time out when being tickled and all tickling must stop. I was pushed to the point of wetting my pants several times during childhood and I will protect my children from that :)

We love you Poppy!

PS....the beatles must sing that song ;)

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