Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 on Tuesday

10 things we love about being at the river....

1. Eating popcicles
2. Reading back issues of People magazine
3. Breakfast on the grill
4. Going to the beach
5. Checking the traps for crabs
6. Playing with Ellie
7. Riding in the boat
8. Sneaking cookies from the cookie jar
9. Watching tugs pull barges, especially in the dark
10. Being with Grammy and Poppy

And some things we don't.....

1. Flies
2. Slippery driveways
3. Trains in the middle of the night
4. Ants
5. The tap water


Kelly said...

LOL, love your post. I am glad you guys had a good time! I still haven't taken my kids to the beach, but I promised them I would sometime this summer.

Anonymous said...

sounds fun! :-) Nicole

Anonymous said...

:-) Sounds like a fun visit!!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha! I'm so tired that I copied Nicole's comment, not on purpose, though! I really meant it!!! Brain cells, please come back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

~La Quiltermama