Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 Last Things

Here are 10 things I hope to accomplish before Baby #3 arrives next Wednesday:

1. Make up a batch of breakfast tacos

2. Mop the floors

3. Fold all the clean laundry

4. Shave my legs

5. Set up a spot for baby clothes to reside, at least temporarily

6. Read more of Shepherding a Child's Heart

7. Go on a special date with Mr. Brick, #1 and #2, each individually

8. Make up some thank you notes with my new cricut!

9. Write and send thank you notes for gifts already received

10. Sleep through the night~

If you have any ideas on how #7 and #10 might get accomplished, they would be appreciated!

Happy Tuesday~


normalnolens said...

Honey Bunny (daughter) and I will take you and #1 on a girl's night if you would like! You know where I want to go!

Andrea said...

Girl - you are running out of time for #7 - you better knock that one out in 1 day. You know, one date for breakfast, one date for lunch, and one date for dinner.
Can't help you with #10 - if you find the answer to that one you will be rich.

Angela said...

Wow, only a week left! Hang in there, you will get it done and make sure to do what you want, not what you should :-)

Snap said...

You are so thoughtful! What an exciting time for you, and to know when it's happening. I wish I could be there with you this week and just hang out, so know we are hanging out in spirit. I can't wait 'till July! I miss you:-)

erin said...

you better get the shaving legs thing out of the way. that was my goal before karsyn came and it didn't happen. :)