Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am overwhelmed with thankfulness these days. I had a mini shower at work yesterday, some of my students and other teachers brought me and this baby to be gifts, including more diapers. I have cupboards full of diapers and everytime I look at them I cannot help but smile. After having #1 I decided that diapers would be my go-to shower gift. So practical, so expensive, so in demand. And here I sit with a full 6-8 months worth of diapers in my blessed.

I am also thankful for the meals that have been coming our way this week. Our wonderful neighbor loves to cook, loves to cook large amounts and is so tiny that she and her family only consume a very small amount. That leaves the Brickhaus to benefit from her abundance. In the last 2 weeks we have had lemon salmon, shrimp verde pasta, homemade hamburgers, tiki chicken, shrimp and pancetta pasta. All including bread, sides, dessert........the works! Thanks neighbor!

I hope you have or are building a community around you that can bless you as my community has been blessing me. During this season: new baby, stressful job, two preschoolers, I feel like I am needing more than I am giving. I hope I am storing up enough to return the favors above and beyond in the future.

I am thankful.

Happy Thursday~

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Anonymous said...

Okay, let me get your EXACT address again, so I can start looking at real estate on your street! I need some good meals!!! ;-)

You have blessed all of us in so many ways!!!

Thank YOU Brickmomma!!!