Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am thankful....

Easter is coming. As are my two beautiful children's birthdays. And for some reason I am really noticing the new growth on all of my trees and plants this spring. I honestly cannot recall ever looking at trees and bushes with such awe as I have this year. We have a crepe myrtle in our front yard that we thought really drowned last year....nope- it's full of baby green leaves. The previous owner had Mexican heather all over the yard, it got huge last year, died down to nubs and has bright green shoots all over it now. We had a great yellow and orange lantana by the drowning crepe myrtle and it also went down to the ground. Yet every morning when I look at it is has just about doubled in size.

Part of the reason for my observations is that this month will complete our first year in our first house. I am still amazed every day that God provided this wonderful shelter for me and my family. We were married for over 6 years, had 2 babies, moved 3 times before we moved into our present house. The house that we pay the mortgage on each month. And I think because we were so dependent on others for so long we have a huge appreciation for the independence and responsibility God has given us thru this house. Saturday will mark the 1 year anniversary of our move! (incidentally, it also marks the 13th annv of Mr. Brick and my first date...pretty funny!)

Back to why I am thankful. Easter has long been my favorite holiday because of the glorious news that Christ rose from the dead for me. I love church on Easter morning, I love the cross covered in flowers, I love white lilies and new dresses. I am thankful for this season and for all of the signs of new growth surrounding me and also for my eyes that can see the baby green leaves.

And in 27 days we will have another reason to be #3!!

Why are you thankful?


The Saenz Family Rawks said...

We are SOOOOOO thankful for our house too, and I think that it's so cool to see others like you be just as thankful. It is such a gift to own a home!!! We always throw a birthday party for our house on June 14th. We eat the same first meal that we ate the day we moved in, we clean it and make it sparkle, and my favorate, in the weirdness of Saenz tradition, we go out and buy a small concrete critter from Fraizers and paint it together as our gift to the house. The kids love it and it helps Steve and I show them how thankful we are for our house.

Andrea said...

My family
Friends that share my love for Jesus
basketball (I know, random)
I could get carried away so I'll stop with those.