Saturday, March 31, 2007

My 19 year old cousin told me today to embrace my middle-aged-ness. Is 29 middle aged? I hope not, I would prefer to live past 58. He told me this after I informed him I no longer found Will Farrel movies funny and then I am sure I validated his feelings after Mr. Brick and I returned from our date at 9:30 pm with arms of groceries.

That was not our original plan. We went to a cute place south of town that had been an ice cream parlor. It has reopened as an old fashioned diner with a larger venue in the back for live music. Tonight there was to be a Johnny Cash cover band at 8 pm. We arrived a bit early, I got an orange soda and we sat on the bar stools on the porch to wait. While waiting I got to meet Mr. Brick's former summer fling from 11th grade.......another funny story!

Anyway, we waited and waited. And waited. They turned people away from the large room and we heard about two strums of the bass by way of warm up. At 845 there was no sign of the cover band, Mr. Brick and I were really hungry and we left.

Seems sad, but we did have some good conversation. And we were able to commemorate 13 years of being together. And grapes are on sale at HEB......hurry in!

Happy Saturday~


Justin said...


Want to feel really old? I was in Kindgergarden when you guys had your first date. :P


Snap said...

29 is so NOT MIDDLE AGE:-) Ang called me 30 the other day and I freaked but it's weird. I still feel about 18, don't you?!?!?!
Well at least some days:-)
I went grocery shopping and cleaned a closet on my Saturday night so don't fear. At least you went out and tried to be cool! I'll call you tomorrow.
Love, S.

Andrea said...

Freaks me out to think of how old I was when my mom was my age. Yikes.