Friday, March 23, 2007

Do you love surprises?

I do and I was taken by complete surprise last night when my mom showed up at my baby shower. A sweet friend of mine threw me a little shower and my mom came! She was sent an invitation, though it was more of a formality because she lives almost 3 hours away. Yet, she came, driving the entire way by herself, which she doesn't like and she surprised me with a bag FULL of goodies for #3!

She brought 2 girl outfits, 2 boy outfits and 2 yellow outfits just to make sure all her bases were covered. And she knitted the cutest purple bunny for a lovey I have ever seen. It was my favorite gift. She also made a beautiful blanket for this baby to treasure. I am so thankful!

I received much love and lots of goodies last night from dear family and friends......thanks!!

This weekend will be spent organizing baby paraphernalia.......we are down to a month away!

Happy Friday~


Anonymous said...

That lovey is so sweet! She needs to sell them! It was a fun sweet special time! Glad I was able to meet everybody.

Kelly said...

That is so sweet Jamee! What an awesome surprise. I am glad you had a good time.