Thursday, March 22, 2007

Many of you know, I went to the hospital on Monday. I started to not feel well at work, it got worse and my boss called my dr who said to come in to the office. After we got there my dr said she would feel better if I was admitted for observation overnight and had some tests run. It wasn't a bad experience and apparently I was dehydrated because I haven't heard back from any of the other tests.

Today I am thankful for my boss and her ability to take control in situations when someone is sick.

Less than 5 weeks til #3 arrives and we are so excited! This baby is growing very large and #1 and #2 like to sing a little ditty about me having a "Booty in my belly". #2 then said he had a booty in his belly and I made a very stong argument that ONLY grown up MARRIED mommas have booties in their bellies :)

Today I am thankful that #3 will have such loving, caring, hilarious siblings!

Happy Thursday~


Anonymous said...

today I am thankful & praise God that you & baby #3 are doing so very well!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for a smooth pregnancy for you! No one needs a scare like that!!!

As for booties in bellies, I must have a badunkadunk one! :-) I always wanted a little junk in the trunk...But, I guess I have it in the hood now! ;-)