Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do you know a Cubbie?

I do. My #1 began the AWANA program in November at our church and has been rocking my world ever since. It is in the evening, for boys and girls and is run by volunteers. Amazing volunteers. They are in classes of 10ish and they sing songs, play games, hear the Word and memorize scripture. They get to wear nifty vests and earn patches and so far it seems way cooler than Girl Scouts!

#1 has had a great memory for as long as I can remember, ha! and has taken to the scripture memorization like a fly lady. And lately her comments to me make me realize just how deep this stuff is getting to her, how affected she already is by my Savior.

And it is also making me realize that I need to keep up with her in ways I had never thought about. We were watching Cinderella III the other night and she asked me if I thought Anastasia has Jesus in her heart. Oh my, that threw me for a loop. I honestly don't think I had any concept of that until FCA camp in 9th grade. Later, in the car she told me her heart was dirty but God could make it clean. Whoa..........

Now, I am not a denomination snob. I was raised in a very loving church that surrounded me with good friends. I know that I received a good foundation on the importance of God while there. However, I am not sure the Truth ever penetrated my heart while I was there. The church we attend now is nothing if not Truth professing. Occasionally,OK, who am I kidding? Often the pastor will step on some toes. And he does not apologize for this. The Bible is very clear and even more so when you read the Greek words.

I am thankful for the Truth. I am thankful my children are experiencing this Truth at such a young age. And I pray for wisdom, strength and discernment when it comes to shepherding my children towards the Lord. Will you pray for us as well?


Snap said...

Of course I will pray for you all! How awesome:-)
God is good, all the time.

Anonymous said...

The Word speaks to even the youngest of hearts! Praise God!