Tuesday, February 27, 2007

10 on Tuesday

I am thankful for:

1. This sunny day

2. Anne Murray songs

3. Girl scout cookies

4. People who give unselfishly

5. CBC

6. My tax refund

7. Buy one, get one free coupons

8. Target

9. Mom's Meals

10. Spring brithdays


Justin said...

Ten things on Tuesday:

1. TV Series on DVD

2. Books that you have waited months for that are better than you had imagined they could be.

3. Billy C. Gillespie

4. Grandparents

5. Pepperoni Pizza

6. Girly songs that you're embarassed to say you like

7. Upstream Bible Study

8. Cell phones/the internet/technology

9. Beautiful Sunny Days

10. Pat Buchanan

Anonymous said...

My Wish List for a Monday Night:

1. Faster reading skills...Falling REALLY behind on my reading!

2. A little bit lighter belly.

3. A little bit more sleep...No naps today.

4. Healthy cereal that tastes like the bad kind. ;-)

5. The ability to stay up all night and feel fine the next day...like in college...And this time, I'd put it to good use. :-)

6. All viruses would leave this town at once so my family can be completely healthy for more than a few days at a time.

7. The t.v. stations would ban all horrific images so that my kids' innocent eyes aren't molested every time I flip through the stations.

8. At least one day a week where not a soul is suffering...not even for the slightest of reasons...A true holiday of respite for us melancholies! ;-)

9. Just a glimpse of the layout of God's plan for me, just enough to get me through the next few years. (with some explanations included)

10. Buy one get one free tampons...Because that's what I read for some reason every time I run across the "buy one get one free" item on Brickmomma's list! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud I made #9.