Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Lesson Learned

I am taking a new Bible Study this semester called Victorious Christian Living. It was highly reccommended by several people I admire and I needed a little breather from Bethy. So far it has been good, but nothing really life changing. However, I was humbled and put in a my place yesterday afternoon.

Our lesson this week was focusing on the Eternal, not the external. Our discussion ranged from ways we try to escape reality to things we fill our time with that have no heavenly consequences. I was actually feeling pretty good during most of the discussion. I have often thought of myself as lazy because generally I am quite able to sit and read to my kiddos while the sink is full of dishes. I choose a fun activity over vaccumming every time. I by no means live in a big sty, but I do think I have my prorities where they need to be when it comes to spending time with #1 and #2 and Mr. Brick. I will choose them over chores always.

That means I rarely have a list of things to get done. Jobs to accomplish during nap time. Nope, I spend lots of that time napping myself.....I am pregnant you know ;)

However, yesterday was a rare day in which I had about 5 things to do while #1 and #2 napped. After I got them down I layed down for what I thought would be a 30 minute rest because my eyes were really bothering me. Almost exactly as I was coming to from my nap #2 comes padding down the hall(a mere 1 hr after he went to bed).

Now some of you know the struggles we have been having with #2. Nothing huge, but he is testing every limit we put in front of him and it makes for a frustrated Momma.

He came over to me on the couch, pulled the blanket back and crawled up beside me. And promptly fell back asleep. I couldn't very well wake him up. Nor could I extract my arm from under his sweet neck. What could I do? Lay there next to the calmest sleeping boy and pray. I prayed for him. I prayed for his sister, for his daddy, for his sibling to come. I prayed for myself, our home and for future decisions to be made. For 30 minutes my list had to wait and I thought about things Eternal and enjoyed my gift from above: #2.

I know this was a lesson straight from God. I had been a little bit smug listening to these ladies struggling with how to say NO to so many committments and thinking I had a least some of this stuff figured out. God gently reminded me that we all have learning to do and that my little boy is still a precious gift, one that He created. He gave me a moment to slow down, reflect and talk to Him about all that was going on. I am thankful for those minutes and for the refreshment I felt afterwards. Did my list get accomplished? No, but I did get to snuggle with #2, hit a few innings of a FREEZING college baseball game and pack lunches for today


Snap said...

You are so blessed. And all of those kiddos are blessed as well, to have such an amazing Mom!
I hope that your naptime today is just as perfect!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

:-) Don't you love it when the Holy Spirit gives the gift of a moment of divine clarity. It makes you float on air! :-)

Hang in there Brickmama! You've got two fabulous kids (and one to be), and they do grow and change, faster than the blink of an eye (though sometimes it feels like eternity! ha ha!)


Christine said...

loved your post