Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Thursday! We are still home sick, but the fevers are gone! #1 is continuing to have productive sneezes and #2 has a big time cough, but I think the worst of it is over. Aren't you glad to know information like that about my children?

I was talking to some friends at work last night about why we blog, why we read blogs, why we spend the time on them. I originally began this to keep in touch with out of state family, but I am not exactly sure how that is going (BECAUSE NO ONE<not counting snap> LEAVES COMMENTS). However I am keeping it up becuase I do get the occasional verbal comment that folks enjoy reading it. And I do so enjoy reading other people's blogs. Mostly to see how they spend their days raising babies and to be encouraged.

And to find out new and intersting stuff online. A fellow blogger has found Beth Moore's blog. She is an amazing Bible teacher out of Houston. I have been able to participate in 3 or 4 of her studies and I must say I am smarter now because of it! I wanted to give her web address here in case any of you wanted to check her out. If you have seen her on video or in person(even cooler!), you know how funny she is!



Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad to hear that your kids are doing better!!! ...and that you're going to keep blogging!!! :-)

Thanks for the link!!! Beth is awesome!!! My husband calls her "that lady that yells a lot", and I love her even more for that!!! She's on fire for Christ!


Andrea said...

I read :) Don't stop!

Snap said...

I am glad you vindicated me in the leaving comments comment:-) But I know what you mean. I have to say while I too have a lack of comments, I KNOW people read my blog. They mention it when I talk to them. A lot. So have no fear, the readers are there. Trust me:-) But I know what you mean about wanting to know.
I love you, glad you are better (me too - slowly) and hope you have a good weekend! Sarah

Shannon said...

I'm here, too!! I stumbled across the Beth site just yesterday! Keep bloggin on...

Anonymous said...

hi friend! i read your blog as provides me some entertainment when i get bored/sick of work. :)

Hope y'all feel better soon!

Hugs from Houston,
Amanda Wilg.

ps - thanks for the b.moore link, i enjoy reading her's as well!