Monday, February 19, 2007


So #2 perhaps has a reason for all of his grumpiness........his tonsils are so large they are touching each other. The dr referred to them as 'kissing' this morning. Eeeww. I don't know about you, but I am not sure how easy to get along with I would be if there were large masses in my throat, infected and sore!

We have the prescription filled and the first dose down, hopefully we are on our way to recovery. Then we can think about scheduling that tonsilectomy!

In other news I had an awesome cheeseburger with my dad today. He was in town for a job and took me, #1, #2 and Mr. Brick out for lunch, yum! And #2 announced he had produced #2 in the bathroom loud enough for most of the restuarant to hear. Aw, isn't potty training cute?

I am making a grand smelling brisket for dinner, gotta love Mom's Meals!

I am having many many practice contractions with this baby. Not really sure why my body feels the need to practice something it has never done and will never have to do. I am a csection girl. And like it or not, that is how #3 will enter this world. Even so, my tummy gets very taut and I have to breath slow for a few minutes quite often per hour these days!

Enough ramble. I want to tell you all about Sesame St was great.....perhaps after a nap :)

Happy Monday........


Justin said...

Glad to hear Sesame St. Live as good! Can't wait to hear about it.

I like the new layout!


Snap said...

Spiffy new look:-) Glad the burger was yummy, tell Uncle Rick hi for me. Hope #2 is feeling better soon - that's no good. Today is one of those days where I want to do everything and there is never enough time! Guess that's what next weekend is for!
Love you.

Anonymous said...

The new layout scared me at first! Ha ha! :-) But, I like it!!! At first, I wondered if I had gone to the wrong site and which wrong site I had gone to when I saw the cherries! LOL!