Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today is looking good. I just got in from a 3 mile walk with my neighbors and it is cool outside....and it will get chillier today, yay! I enjoy cold weather, it makes it feel more like Christmas. Walking thru our neighborhood some folks have left their lights on all night. I really love Christmas lights: white ones, twinkly, colored, even the blue lights. I am passing on the love for lights with my little ones, we look each night for displays of wonder.

The Christmas season has always been a time of joy for me and with my own children that joy is only intensified. I have thought long and hard about our focus as a family, knowing full well traditions I begin now will last for a long time to come. Mr. Brick and I have discussed the role a certain man in a red suit will play in our house as well as details about wrapping paper, etc. Thankfully he is easygoing and defers much of the decision making to me. I, in turn, have realized I can only control what I do and what happens in my house. I am thankful for the generosity of others in our family and cannot try and regulate their gift giving. Though at times it is a bit much. Last year #1 asked if we could take a break during the opening of gifts, it all just became too much for her.

I am thankful for the most incredible gift of all, a little baby born in a manger, under a star so long you follow the Star?


Anonymous said...

I'd love dinner...but I don't think I'll be able to make it tonight...I'm going to try to squeeze in a movie with some friends and a thing i have to do for work. Thanks for the invite though...

Anonymous said...

I'd love dinner too...In fact, I'm hungry early, so, if you don't mind, I'll be stopping over in a little bit--ha ha!

You're such a good Mama!!! :-)