Thursday, December 07, 2006

in case anyone is wondering....YES! I am rather technically challenged. However, I would like to improve that and I have no problem asking for help. Are there meetings for folks like me? My attempt at saving $$ by emailing a mass Christmas letter and picture failed tonight and I am a little worried about resending it, as i do not want to fill up everyone's in box with miles of html least I know that's what it is!?!



Anonymous said...

Are you going to put the christmas pictures up on an online gallery or anything? I'd like to see them. :)


Anonymous said...

Jamee I was just reading your blog so I thought I would leave you a comment..I know you like that! Have a great rest of the week. Tell the Brick kids I said hello! Have fun with your kiddos over the break!

Anonymous said...

Updates, updates...wherefore art thou, updates?