Monday, December 18, 2006

Updates, Updates, Updates

I realize that yet again I have let too many days pass between posts. A couple of weeks ago Mr. Brick and I went on an amazing marriage conference that really opened our eyes to ways in which we could improve our relationship, parenting and family life. One thing that really spoke to me was the amount of time I spend on the computer.....surfing, reading blogs, replying to emails, checking bank balances, etc. Now nothing I read is inherently bad or illegal, however I can easily spend an hour plus several 20 minute jaunts during the day. And that time is so much better spent interacting with my children, folding clothes, reading my Bible(gasp!) and other meaningful things.

So, my new (self-imposed) rule is that I can get on the computer twice a day. Once in the morning and once after the children go to bed. I must say I have stuck to it, though at times I have wanted to just check somehting really quick ;) So, anyway, during my abbreviated computer times I have been choosing to read other information instead of posting my own.

We had a really nice Christmas holiday weekend. Friday night we met the inlaws in downtown for some yummy texmex food. There was an actual wait, whcih speaks volumes to the growth of this town. Then the little Bricks and the GrandBricks went for a carriage ride to enjoy the lights of said downtown.....Mr. Brick and I walked around a little and window shopped. We drove home the long way and saw lots of great light displays.

Saturday morning I had to bring home the bacon so Mr. Brick took #1 and #2 fishing. I know, how cute is that?! They didn't catch anyhting but apparently made some pretty cool gravel angels at the playground.

Then last night the children got to see a live nativity at the GrandBrick's church, complete with a donkey and even a rabbit. All day I kept reminding #1 that she was going to see a real LIVE baby Jesus for, kind of confusing!

Both days were also times of good napping by the entire house. I am so thankful for these restful days and for the chance to explain the true meaning of Christmas to my little ones. We sing We 3 Kings and Away in a Manger daily, along with Rudolph and a odd version of Jingle Bells!

Tis the Season!

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