Saturday, October 07, 2006

Good Times

So we have a happy family tonight. FIrst of all Team #1 won! Two in a row! Two Big 12 games in a row! Yes, Mr. Brick is a happy man. And Team #2 was a good game to watch.......lots of interceptions in the last quarter. And Team #3 won, too. I didn't see the end, but someone told me they really didn't deserve to win. However, my world is a happier place when they win. We really are a well rounded family ;)

The kids are doing good. I am looking forward to meeting #3. These personalities are just a riot and #2 really reminds me of Jim Carrey(in the my-face-is made-of-silly-putty way). I think he will be the class clown! He is so darn cute it is hard to stay mad for long!

Over all life is in a good place. I have had some days of prego sickness this past week, but what can you do? I am lucky enough to have hours in the afternoon to rest in my bed and I think that helps. Chicken and dumplins don't hurt ;)

So nothing profound here today.........just keep on being real!

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